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Sold Out! The ‘Silk of Stars’ tapes shipped to the USA, Australia and Europe. Proper made up! Thank you to everyone that bought the cassette.

Silk of Stars (Mimic This/Ramber Records, 2017) was met with strong reviews and various tracks were played on radio stations around the world (UK, USA, New Zealand, South America). Lead track, This Is What We Do with the Horses, featured on the compilation album, VA - The Sea (The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records, Brazil, 2017). Silk of Stars also featured in Shoegazer Alive's Best Albums of 2017 list.

"We've been a tad taken with the feedback noise pop swoon of the bliss traced C-86 styled fizzy psych of Just Everywhere's, ‘This Is What We Do with the Horses', which simultaneously manages to cut a dash in sounding like a pure distillation of classic era Jesus and Mary Chain freebasing on a Creation era Telescopes." The Sunday Experience

"A cinematic experience with psychedelically spatial insertions and moments of total explosion. Paul Baird, with Just Everywhere, has created an eloquently intense work that must be tasted without haste and with extreme attention, so that all the nuances and their details are absorbed." The Blog That Celebrates Itself